Marines Special Operations Glock 19


Here we are once again to discuss the decision or “permission” granted by an elite US military unit to acquire / or employ the Glock 19 as their sidearm of choice.  

This is not breaking news as many of you are likely already well aware of this development, where the Marine special operations units are moving towards the Glock 19 in place of the Colt 1911as their sidearm. Last year we briefly touched on the news of the Navy Seals also making a move away from a mainstay pistol - the SIG P226 to the Glock 19.  Domestically many other agencies have also made similar pistol acquisition decisions.  

Before we get into the discussion, lets us all realize we are all on the same team - firearms enthusiasts, sportsmen and women, shooters, and countrymen.  There is really no reason to adopt a vitriolic or contentious stance when it comes to firearm or caliber discussions.  So let’s keep it civil.  

Over the past few years of writing some articles and putting out a few videos - I have covered the future of the 1911, the Glock 19 being an ideal pistol, and my admiration of the SIG P226.  The wonderful thing about pistols - is you can own more than one.  With experience, training, and time on the gun - opinions tend to evolve over time as we observe strengths and shortcomings while employing different firearm designs.  As any of you who know me are aware - I was once anti Glock and 1911 or bust.  

Well it seems to be circulating widely that indeed the Marines have made a move to the Glock 19.  From what I have read the reasons for this decision mirror those of the Navy Seals in their similar decision. A smaller, lighter platform that is capable of carrying a larger magazine capacity - and of course the supposed budget savings.  As any are aware - after the FBI studies and various other papers and expert opinions offered in the modern era - 9mm has been found to be plenty sufficient as a self defense - secondary weapons caliber choice.  

If you have been part of this channel for any length of time you likely recognize the 1911 here.  The pistol I have qualified with and carried for duty for over 10 years.  I was literally raised on the 1911.  The 1911 will always have a dear place with me.  The slender frame, ideal grip angle (for me that is), consistent crisp near perfect triggers, rat hole capable accuracy, genius of design as well as historic and iconic status - the 1911 is a very capable sidearm for self defense.   It is no wonder that the pistol still competes on the MainStage over 100 years after its debut.  

All of its glory aside, it is no wonder that the Marines have made this move.  Platform consistency among elite units who often find themselves working side by side in remote hostile regions would benefit from having pistols that share parts and have identical function and caliber.  Any fan of a 1911 knows that the parts are often uniquely tuned to each individual pistol by trained and competent gunsmiths.  The bushing fit, the extractor - the inner workings of a 1911 are like a finely crafted watch. Precise - but difficult to do on ones own or without proper training.  The Glock on the other hand is a mass produced pistol lacking any requirement for fine gunsmithing or tuning.  You can take 100 GLock 19s, disassemble them to each individual part, dump them in a sack, poor them out, randomly reassemble  - and each G19 will work as designed.  This is not the case with the 1911.  

With the consistency, and now proven 30+ year service record of the Glock platform as well as its proven service  - being extensively used by elite US military units during the last decade and a half of conflict, this decision was merely awaiting official status and should come as no surprise. With NSN numbers already assigned, Green Berets, SEALs, CIA operators and others already carrying the Glock - the move of the Marines to go in this direction is not only a natural one but wise.  

The Glock 19 is an ideal choice, a reliable, accurate and durable choice.  Congratulations Glock for another line to add into the resume of Glock Perfection - and Colt I salute you and thank you for your century of service.