Safariland 7TS Holster - SIG MK25

Safariland 7TS ALS Holster 

After purchasing a SIG MK25 several months ago, I patiently waited for the arrival of holster design that did not yet exist.  There was no holster on the market at the time of purchase that met my needs, nor did it work with the rigs and setups I ran.  I wanted to stay within the Safariland line of products as well as continue to utilize their QLS system.  Several holster lines I looked at either broke the bank, or did not meet the retention needs I was looking for. Every line of holsters strayed from the ability to work with my existing belt setup.

A contact I had within Safariland and had informed me of a new design that had not yet been introduced onto the market.  Eventually, it became known that this new line was the 7TS holsters.  

Constructed of a proprietary blended nylon, equipped with the ALS (or SLS) retention systems and backed by the renowned reputation of Safariland International, Safariland 7TS holsters are superb.  Robust construction, a secure locking mechanism, and the ability to incorporate this holster into existing belt rigs and load outs, made the decision to choose the 7TS ALS holster very easy.  

Please enjoy the video review below.  Hit me with questions.  As always, Thank YOU for being part of the Denny Ducet Channel.