SHOT Show 2014 That's A Wrap!

A tremendous thank you to Black Rain Ordnance for welcoming us to SHOT Show 2014, without them and their exemplary team, none of what we brought to viewers and readers would have been possible.

SHOT Show was a blast.  The Denny Ducet Channel crew learned several things on this trip and one of them is, "Stay at SHOT the entire time!".  Two days was not nearly enough to cover the multiple acres of gear, guns, and multiple hundreds of companies. We went to SHOT with somewhat of a mission: To cover the companies we hold dear, to bring viewers the latest of what we felt were outstanding products of the industry.  The videos are being uploaded on a daily basis and we hope you find something of value in what we covered.  There were a few booths we hit that we did not do video on, however they had amazing product lines as well.  Time was the issue.

In synopsis, the products that jumped out were:

  • BLACK RAIN ORDNANCE (Precision Bolt Rifle)
  • Vulture Equipment Works (Best Knives of SHOT)
  • Walther PPQ Lineup
  • Glock Models 41 & 42
  • Daniel Defense (MK12, New Furniture, CHF Stainless Barrels)
  • LWRC 6.8SPC Receiver Set
  • Nightforce SHV 4-14x56
  • Grizzly Targets
  • Colt O01070 CQBP (Marine Corps. 1911)
  • Arsenal Strike One Pistol
  • Arsenal SAM7SF AK-47
  • Operator Suppressor Systems (By far latest and greatest).
  • Remington R51 Pistol
It would require volumes of writing to detail the quality and impact of these few items we featured.  Here is a link to just the videos themselves:

Stand by for more coverage next year, and write ups of more detail on these great products!

Thanks for viewing, stay in touch and be safe!

-The Denny Ducet Crew