Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN M4A1 4x32 Range Report

Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN M4A1 4x32
-Range Report-

It took less than 3 M855 rounds fired at 100 meters for me to realize the true capability as well as quality of the TA01NSN ACOG.  

It was a clear, warm, sunny day at approximately 3000+ ft above sea level.  I arrived at the range with my old man and we began to set up to shoot some rifles.  We had the range to ourselves which is always a plus.  I had yet to zero the ACOG, and today was the time to try it out.  Without even attempting to see where it was on paper at 25, or even 50 meters, I pushed the limits of a new scope, recently mounted, not even bore sighted, and set a target out at 100 meters.  

The ACOG sits atop a pre-2009 "large pin", LE marked, COLT M4 6920 carbine.  The carbine has a 16" barrel, smith vortex flash hider, and a Centurion C4 cutout rail.  The trigger, is the Geissele SSA-E.  The ammunition being fired on this day was Federal M855, 62 grain, "green tip".  

I took a seat at one of the concrete benches and began to concentrate on my breathing, sight picture, and slow trigger squeeze.  The carbine report cracked and rolled through the mountains with an echo.  Lacking a spotting scope, we didn't even bother with trying to ascertain where the shot hit on the target.  I followed up with two more shots.  
1st 3 Shots Fired.  100 Meters. 

As you can see my overall group was about 7.5" low and about 3/4" to the right of center.  "That just made my job a lot easier and will save me some rounds today!" I thought to myself.

I returned to the bench, making what I believed to be the necessary elevation adjustments.  I with held windage adjustments at this time.  I fired 3 more shots.  
2nd 3 Shots Fired.
The 2nd group was 2" low and 1" to the right.  At this point I decided to make the necessary adjustment to windage as well as making adjustments to the elevation.  

After making the latest adjustments (which on the ACOG TA01NSN are 1/2" per Click at 100 yards) I fired four more M855 rounds at the target.  
Final 4 Shot Group

After the final 4 shots, I left the adjustments alone and began to just enjoy shooting.  I wanted to push the ACOG BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation Reticle) and decided to fire at the large, steel bison target
(36" across x 24" height)that sits up on the hill at approximately 454 meters.  Before you jump to the conclusion, no I did not use the M855 green tip and take part in destroying the ranges steel.  I switched out ammunition and loaded a mag of M193 (55 grain FMJ Nato).  "Ballistics on the two rounds are very similar so let's see what this scope can do out there.", I told my dad. Below are two images of the TA01NSN reticle.  

Holding the "4" has mark, that indicates a 400 meter shot, directly on the Bison targets back, I squeezed off a shot.  "CRACK!...........(distant) PING!"  I did it again, "Ping!" and again, "PING!", again and again and again, "Ping! Ping! Ping!".

Confidence, that is what an ACOG can bring to a shooter.  Confidence when letting off rounds at distances that fall into the category of, "The Infantrymans half kilometer" or "combat effective range" of 500 meters.  
After hitting some more paper to really ensure the zero, and ringing steel out at nearly 500 meters with every shot taken, the ACOG TA01NSN won me over as a great choice for the M4 platform.

Enjoy these two videos on my personal ACOG and the LARUE mount I chose and utilize.