Tourniquets, ADVOCATE THEM!

Those of us involved in pre-hospital EMS, Emergency medicine, Law Enforcement, Tactical Medicine etc. have a duty to ourselves, our team, and our community, to provide the highest level of professional, up to date and competent care possible.  We are committed to saving lives.  Perhaps one of the greatest tools to aid us in our humble endeavor is the tourniquet.  The tourniquet received a bad reputation due to years of ignorant use, misapplications, and myriads of other factors that were no fault of the tourniquet but rather the human element.  Tourniquets rapidly assist us in reducing the risk of life threatening, uncontrollable hemorrhage.  With hemorrhage being the leading cause of preventable death in the military and tactical world, the tourniquet provides us with a way to SAVE MORE LIVES.  

For years they have received a negative reputation.  Still to this day, there is resistance by many department administrators, and misinformed personnel in the use and application of the tourniquet.  

This low cost, easy to train on device, is the fastest and most efficient way to save a life in the field from massive hemorrhage and death as a result (exanguination).  Please watch the videos included and follow the links provided for more information.  Above all, please be an advocate for tourniquets in your community.

My other video on Tourniquets: 

I encourage viewers to read up on the studies, educate themselves and their peers.  Links are provided:

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Below I posted some links to my favorite medical gear.  The tourniquets shown are the only ones recommended by TCCC and myself.  The bandages shown are also, the best.  Thanks for viewing, now get to shopping.