Firearms Companies Refuse To Sell To Totalitarian States

There is a movement sweeping the nation.  Manufacturers, citizens, workers, law abiding and responsible persons are sick of the assault on the right of the people to keep and bear arms by the emotional hysteria of the irrational and illogical politicians and media.  Manufacturers of some of the finest law enforcement and military firearms and components in the country are beginning to pass sales and shipping restrictions within their company, forbidding the sale and shipment of products and or devices to any agency in jurisdictions where their citizens are not allowed to own the same product/device/firearm.  Let us hope this continues at fever pitch.  

The most recent company to join this list of patriotic manufacturers is BCM - Bravo Company Manufacturing, owned by Paul Buffoni.  Here is a statement from their website:

Our stance on the 2nd Amendment.
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The founding fathers made the right to keep and bear arms second only to the freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, George Mason, Samuel Adams and so many others, labored tirelessly to create a new nation with laws free from the tyranny of the old country. A place where the government would represent the people, not repress them.

As Americans, we have the luxury of living in a developed society where we can develop ourselves through education and critical debate. We have a responsibility to question ideas and confront issues that we have a stake in as citizens of this nation, be that the rights of yourselves or the rights of others when threatened by the state. Firearms are, first and foremost, a tool to secure your life and the lives of others, against any aggressor.

The people at Bravo Company USA and BCM support responsible private individuals having access to the same tools of civilian Law Enforcement to affect the same ends. Securing and defending ourselves, our loved ones and innocent people if the situation arises.  As such Bravo Company's policy is that law enforcement officials and departments will be restricted to the same type of products available to responsible private individuals of that same city or state. (bold added for emphasis by Denny).

Bravo Company USA

The Policeloophole List!  This list here is updated constantly with companies joining the fight against these insane, hoplophobic, irrational, illogical, ignorant, emotional, and intolerant laws passed against law abiding citizens.

Here is the list as it stands today:
AmmoClipwww.ammoclip.comWebsiteLong Standing
Extreme Firepower Inc, LLCwww.extremefirepower.comWebsiteLong Standing
Cheaper Than Dirtwww.cheaperthandirt.comFacebookLong Standing
MidwayUSAwww.midwayusa.comTwitterLong Standing
Barrettwww.barrett.netWebsiteLong Standing
Old Grouch's Military Surpluswww.oldgrouch.comFacebook2013-01-15
Predator Intelligencewww.predatorarmament.comFacebook2013-02-01
LaRue Tacticalwww.laruetactical.comFacebook2013-02-08
Olympic Armswww.olyarms.comFacebook2013-02-12Currently applies to New York State only
Templar Customwww.templarcustom.comFacebook2013-02-13Currently applies to New York State only
York Armswww.yorkarms.comWebsite2013-02Currently applies to New York State only
Bullwater Enterprises LLCwww.aandtfirearms.comFacebook2013-02-16dba A & T Firearms
West Fork Armorywww.westforkarmory.comFacebook2013-02-16Currently applies to New York State only
Iron Goat Gunswww.irongoatguns.comWebsite2013-02-16
Trident Armorywww.tridentarmory.netFacebook2013-02-17
Smith Enterprise, Incwww.smithenterprise.comWebsite2013-02-17Currently applies to New York State only
Alex Armswww.alexarms.comWebsite2013-02-17
OFA Tacticalwww.ochsnergroup.comFacebook2013-02-17
Spike's Tacticalwww.spikestactical.comFacebook2013-02-18
Quality Arms Idahowww.qualityarmsidaho.comWebsite2013-02-19
Liberty Suppressorswww.libertycans.netFacebook2013-02-19Currently applies to New York State only
Doublestar Corpwww.star15.comFacebook2013-02-19
American Spirit Armswww.americanspiritarms.comYouTube2013-02-19
Tactical Solutionswww.tacticalsol.comWebsite2013-02-20Currently applies to New York State only
Head Down Products, LLCwww.headdownproducts.comFacebook2013-02-20Currently applies to New York State only
Exile Machinewww.exilemachine.netWebsite2013-02
J&G Sales, Ltdwww.jgsales.comFacebook2013-02-20
Bravo Company USAwww.bravocompanyusa.comWebsite2013-02-20
ACE LTD.www.riflestocks.comWebsite2013-02-20
Kiss Tacticalwww.kisstactical.comFacebook2013-02-20
NEMO Arms, Incwww.nemoarms.comFacebook2013-02-21Currently applies to New York State only
Top Gun Supplywww.topgunsupply.comFacebook2013-02-21
Red Jacket Firearmswww.redjacketfirearms.comFacebook2013-02-21
Rock River Armswww.rockriverarms.comWebsite2013-02-21Currently applies to New York State only
Badger Peakwww.badgerpeak.comFacebook2013-02-22
Controlled Chaos Armswww.controlledchaosarms.comFacebook2013-02-22
Big Horn Armorywww.bighornarmory.comFacebook2013-02-22
One Source Tacticalwww.onesourcetactical.comWebsite2013-02-22
SRT Armswww.srtarms.comWebsite2013-02-22
Norton Firearmswww.nortonfirearms.comWebsite2013-02-22
Umlaut Industries LLCwww.umlautarms.comFacebook2013-02-22
Warbirds Custom Gunswww.warbirdscustomguns.comWebsite2013-02-22
Stoner Armswww.stonerarms.comFacebook2013-02-22
3 Rivers Precision LLCwww.3riversprecision.comFacebook2013-02-22
2A Firearmswww.2afirearmsdealer.comFacebook2013-02-22
Lanco Tactical LLCwww.lancotactical.comFacebook2013-02-22
Predator Tacticalwww.predatortactical.comWebsite2013-02-23
Rhino Arms LLCwww.rhinoarmsllc.comWebsite2013-02-23

That there ladies and gentlemen is how we do it.  Passive, aggressive, non-compliance.  Celebrate these companies, buy from these companies (if you live in a free state) and support this effort.  Spread the word to others and pressure companies not on this list to GET ON THIS LIST.