The Most Powerful Comma In History

As a close friend of mine put it this week, "This is America's Dunblane". He was referring to the mass, schoolyard shooting (16 kids one adult killed plus shooter) that took place in Scotland and led to the UK gun ban. 

Guns are not the issue, and many of us agree on that. Society has a sickness, a depravity and a disease of the mind that is permeating our whole nation. No one can begin to claim authority on diagnosing the root causes of this sickness, however one can surely say it is not the inanimate weapons themselves that perpetrate the acts. A mass killer can easily utilize chemicals, flammable liquids, edged weapons, explosives, gardening tools, vehicles, etc. to commit these acts of evil. 

We need to address the security of schools and public places. As Lt. Col. Dave Grossman points out in the "Bullet Proof Mind" lecture, a large group of unarmed individuals is a killing field for a sociopath (I am paraphrasing). He also points out that unarmed security is merely the individual to die during a mass shooting if they try to intervene. It is a misconception to label anyone who is not armed as "security". 

The sad fact is, no officer, no tactical team, will ever be able to arrive in time to make a dramatic difference in these situations. The shootings take place in seconds and end within several minutes. Tactical teams arrive at the scenes prepared and equipped for war minutes later when it was seconds that were needed. Often times, as today the shooter is already dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Just 3 days ago this was the case in the mall outside Portland. 

This was an act of a deranged sociopath. Like an errant meteor, it was unpredictable. The only thing we as a rational and sane society can do is prepare for this type of event, formulate deterrence for when it does occur and attempt to de escalate situations when they begin to surface. 

In a nation as saturated with law abiding firearms owners as America, the idea of locking away and removing all guns is ludicrous. 

Removing guns from society would not have prevented the Beslan school shooting, the Ma'alot massacre, 2011 Norway shooting spree or any other mass attack. The list goes on. 

According to Grossman, 1% of society are known sociopaths, bent on committing pain, suffering and murder against the rest of society, simply for the desire to do so. ONE PERCENT. Break that down sometime when you are in public. In a mall with 500 people? That means 5 of them are sociopaths. In a stadium with 10,000? There are 100 sociopaths there as well. All it takes is the right formula of a trigger, a situation, a desire, a lust, something we may never even know, to send that individual over the edge towards mayhem. 

Knowing that 1% is out there, does not make me wish to remove all guns from society, it makes me wish that more of the responsible society would learn how to use firearms and carry them as they would a first aid kit or a fire extinguisher. 

Society needs to remove the denial that this is the situation we are in, remove the drama from the conversation. 

Let us move to the point of this posting.  The comma.  Please read the 2nd Amendment as it is written below:
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

That comma is powerful. Look at it and read it again.  It represents a pause, a change in tone, a switch in thought and the direction of the next statement. That comma says more than many who read it understand. 

The INTENT of that comma separates the peoples right to bear arms from the formation of militias to secure the free state. That comma secures the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO keep and bear arms and separates it from the existence of militias and government management.  It protects the right from being taken, changed, infringed, impinged upon, removed, or legislated away. It is a fundamental right, necessary for the people to resist assault against the other rights contained within the document. 

To argue that this document is from a different time is a dangerous path. By arguing this point, one must accept that every other amendment herein is equally obsolete. For the media to say that the framers owned slaves, abused women, and thus cannot be trusted to know what is "good" for our modern times, for them to say this as they have been this week, is an assault upon the entire security of the Bill of Rights itself. 

The framers wrote in more than just this document, of the necessity of an armed and free citizenry. 

Defend the comma, argue for the comma, and fight for the right to bear arms.


rant over. 

May God our savior have mercy upon those innocent families horribly affected by this maniac. My prayers go out continuously for the children, their parents, this community. As a father, I cannot imagine the loss, the pain. May Gods grace be upon them all.
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"Tyranny cannot be safe without a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace." -James Madison

"That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or laborer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there." -Orwell