ESEE 6 Clip Point Knife

So I went ahead and did it.  I ordered an ESEE knife.  Which one did I chose?  As you can see by the title, the 6 was my final decision.  That was a difficult and painstaking decision if there ever was one.  Let's talk about how I came to finally pick the ESEE 6.

Quality knives abound today.  There are dozens of companies with unique methods of hardening steels, using different types of steel, varying blade designs, and production methods.  Prices too, are all over the spectrum.  One can spend a thousand, or one can spend twenty bucks.  When choosing a knife, I followed a set of parameters:

  • Fixed Blade
  • Full Tang
  • 4-6" in Length
  • Sharp Pointed Tip
  • Solid Pommel
  • Quality Strong Steel
  • Wide and Good (non-fantasy style) Blade Design. Drop Point.
  • Reputable Manufacturer
The knife I needed, would not only be a defensive blade, as any knife can be, but also a multiple use tool to apply in the woods of Montana.  Whether it be making a fire, skinning some game, cutting rope, or building a shelter, I needed a robust knife that would hold up and keep an edge.

I began looking at many companies.  My dad had owned an original Mad Dog ATAK knife, made by Kevin McClung back in the 90's.  I remembered the feel of that blade and the story behind it's design.  To date it is the only blade assigned a NSN number having been officially adopted by the SEALS.  After seeing current prices on "Mad Dog McClung" knives, it was obvious that a medic on a firefighter/tac medic salary was not going to spend a months wages on a knife.

Busse, Boker, Cold Steel, these were all knives I looked at, read about, and handled.  Then, while at work, one of the guys who was in the Marines several years ago, mentions ESEE knives.  Why not look them up?  After just minutes reading through their site, and then looking at alternative opinions on various other forums and outlets, I knew that ESEE was a stand up knife.  It was hard to follow the evolution of the company from Ontario, RAT, and then ROWEN forge - the path that ESEE took as far as production, styles and where the knives come from.  The 1095 steel with a proprietary heat treatment, the full tangs, blade styles, micarta handles, sheathes, and track record of the company had me convinced.  Many reviews and testimonials later I decided I would save some pennies for an ESEE, which one though?

Quick side note - one of the cops I work with is a knife fiend.  The guy loves knives, collects, buys, hoards knives.  He had not heard of ESEE.  I showed them to him during this time where I was "deciding".  He ordered an ESEE 6, THAT VERY DAY!  When it arrived, a few days later, I held it.  The quality was immediately felt and seen.  The balance was impeccable.  The blade resembled a smaller ATAK knife, as if made by McClung.  The edge could shave the hair off a Sicilians back or in the case with my friend, the red hair from an Irish mans legs.  The physical presence of the ESEE convinced me for certain, I had to have one.

ESEE ESEE6PB ESEE-6 Plain Edge Blk Sheath w MOLLE (Google Affiliate Ad)

I began to debate, 5 or 6?  A part of me wanted the stout, quarter inch blade of the ESEE 5.  At 16 ounces alone, the 5 was a hefty tool.  Further reading revealed that even the company ESEE, states the 6 is, "the most balanced knife" they make.  I like balance.  Keeps me on two feet and the universe in motion.   I figured, that I wouldn't be hacking my way out of a cockpit any time soon (one of 5's uses).  I also wanted that slightly longer blade (to get me close to the ATAK style).  The 0.188" thick blade of the 6 would suit me just fine.

I made up my mind on the 6 and added the clip point to my decision as well.  This was another debatable choice.  Clip or no clip?  Well, clip points do two things for sure; they make the tip even sharper for defense, and add a second edge to use on more medial tasks - preserving your main edge.  Plus, the ATAK knife had a clip point that was left dull to be sharpened if the owner decided to.

I ordered the ESEE 6 with the MOLLE BACK sheath carrier to allow mounting to packs or rigs.  I love the knife.  The size, balance, shape, steel, it is all near perfect.  For under $140, you cannot beat the knife.  It is perhaps the best deal on the planet for a quality knife.  As my friend told me the other day, "If primitive man had these knives, we'd be using light sabers already".

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