Damp Rid - The Cure For Moisture!


Ok, I have to admit something.  I am a Damp Rid addict.  I buy packs of it at the hardware store quite often.   I watch it work in amazement and feel a comfort in knowing my guns are DRY.  What?  What is Damp Rid?  Hold on a second, what do you have in your safe to keep out the moisture and humidity?  You didn't know it was a problem?  Safes trap moisture like honey on a sidewalk traps ants in June.  Moisture can ruin your beautiful firearms and rust those handy irons.

Damp Rid is a granular material that ABSORBS moisture, removes it from the air and drops it into a holding bag or container, depending on which setup you decide on.  I use both a hanger and a tub.

Ever couple of weeks or so, depending on the season, inspect the hanger or tub, and see if it is time to replace the product.  It is quite simple.  Throw out the unwanted water, and refill the tub with more of the granular material or re-hang a new "closet hanger" Damp Rid.  See my video below.  

The winter and spring can wreak havoc with moisture filling your home.  You will notice immediately the moisture collected in your safe.  Now imagine if the Damp Rid was not in there and your guns just sat, bathed in that humidity?  Not cool at all.  Order some Damp Rid, and rest assured, your investment is safe and dry.