Aimpoint T1 vs. M3 ML3

Aimpoint T1 Vs.3 Both are excellent choices, and you cannot go wrong with either one.  T1 is lighter and smaller offering more rails space. The M3 has a proven track record, being the sibling to the M2.  The M3 has flip up lens covers and the ability to place a kill flash.  The M3 has a larger FOV - Field of view.  The M3 when coupled with the Larue mount, allows you to carry a spare battery underneath, within the mount. Some feel that the T1 has a better control and adjustment wheel.
Both optics are parallax free with unlimited eye relief. Both adjust with 1 click = 1/2" at 100 yards. Both offer 50,000 hours or 5 years of continuous use in the "ON" position at visible setting.
T1 can be submerged to 80 feet, the M3 150 feet.When getting these optics, choose the Larue Mount. The Larue mounts are proven and the best in the business. Guaranteed return to zero.
The M4S is heavy, large and the only benefit I see is that it takes the common AA battery. Sorry, the M4s was and remains a "No Go" for me
My two favorite optics are the Aimpoint M3 or ML3 and the T1! Watch my video to learn why.